Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Had plans to write a poem of my own for my 60th birthday, and may get around to it after the fact, but for now I'll just share Stephen Dunn's reflection on his, written in the late 1990's, which seems to me to get everything just about right:


Because in my family the heart goes first
and hardly anybody makes it out of his fifties,
I think I'll stay up late with a few bandits
of my choice and resist good advice.
I'll invent a secret scroll lost by Egyptians
and reveal its contents: the directions
to your house, recipes for forgiveness.
History says my ventricles are stone alleys,
my heart itself a city with a terrorist
holed up in the mayor's office.
I'm in the mood to punctuate
only with that maker of promises, the colon:
next, next, next, it says, God bless it.
As Garcia Lopez may have written: some people
forget to live as if a great arsenic lobster
could fall on their heads at any moment.
My sixtieth birthday is tomorrow.
Come, play poker with me,
I want to be taken to the cleaners.
I've had it with all the stingy-hearted sons of bitches.
A heart is to be spent. As for me, I'll share
my mulcher with anyone who needs to mulch.
It's time to give up the search for the invisible.
On the best of days there's little more
than the faintest intimations. The millenium,
my dear, is sure to disappoint us.
I think I'll keep on describing things
to ensure that they really happened.


Stephen's Land said...

When I looked through the web I found that what you write in your blog was interesting. Acturally speaking, it also helps me with my english teaching and learning. I'm looking forward to read what you'll write.

Would you mind me asking some questions about reading and english grammar? If you don't, I'd like to post my questions later.

Bruce Schauble said...

Sure, fire away. You can post them here or email me directly at the gmail address listed in my profile... Good luck with your new blog.