Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lower Your Expectations

Three by Three

Classes are done.
Another year over.
The usual letdowns.

What to say?
Where to begin?
With what's here?

The cursor blinks.
The screen awaits.
My brain resists.

I'd like to.
Really, I would.
But I can't.

Not just yet.
I need time.
Time to sleep.

Time to read.
Time to regroup.
Breathe a little.

The kids are gone.
The house is empty.
I'm worn out.

So just this.
Find a pattern.
Push into it.

See what happens.
Sure, it's flat.
Not much here.

That's the reality.
What you see.
May 24, 2007

Well, great poetry it ain't. But it captures pretty well what it feels like on the evening after meeting my classes for the last time this semester and attending the end-of-the-year awards assembly. I'm beat. I don't have much electrical activity upstairs. My brain feels thick and my blood feels like it's thickened. I feel a little like I'm underwater. I'm torn between trying to find my way into something worth writing about, playing some online chess because it doesn't require me to think beyond what's in front of my eyeballs, and running out to the store for a brick of Nestle's chocolate chip cookies to bake up. Right now, the chocolate chip cookies are looking good.

Tomorrow I have school but no classes, so I hope to be able to begin to clear some of the clutter that has been stacking up on my desk, maybe get caught up on some reading. That's one of the reasons my brain feels like sludge, I haven't had the chance to read for more than a few minutes at a time for almost a month. I've been drawn into the vortex of everydayness, and I need to break a move. MaƱana.

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hawaiibren said...

Five by Five

How to pick up pieces
after all is said, done?
Maybe satisfaction is best medicine
for weary heart, generous soul.
We all deserve a break. Throughlines, Bruce, and I look forward to working with you this summer!