Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Writing as a Spiritual Discipline

Maybe it's because I was just turning all of this over in my mind as I prepared yesterday's post, but I was interested to see that over at Working With Words, John Ettorre has posted this quotation today from Harvey Cox on writing as a spiritual discipline:

Is writing more like prayer, or more like life itself, or a little like both? I am not sure. They all seem remarkably akin to me. They all exact something from us, but it is hard—maybe impossible—to know in advance what that something is...writing, prayer, life: they meld and fuse for me, although if I had to choose, I would surely dispense with the writing before the other two. But so far I have not been required to make that choice, so it is hard to think of any one of them without the other two peeping in from the wings. Consequently, I have come to think of writing as a kind of spiritual discipline.


John Ettorre said...

Thanks ever so much for this link and mention. I find your blog so interesting, and thus feel honored to have you as a reader. But one question does occur to me: do you prefer the weather in Canton, OH or Hawaii?

Bruce Schauble said...

Well, it was Canton, MA, which makes the contrast even more glaring. Can't say that I miss the New England weather a whole lot. The last week of September and the first week of October are great. But then there's November and December and January and February and March and most of April. I don't miss that stretch at all... : )