Saturday, February 2, 2008

Etude (100x13)

The sky layered with clouds, the nearest dense and grey
along the horizon, the farthest pale and white, illuminated
by the sun not quite shining through but defining all we see:
thin horizontal bands of grey and gold and white and even,
over the left, just above the water, pure unobstructed blue.

The water dark and calm, waves gathering themselves,
making their approach in dark obedient rows
as over to the right the filtered sunlights play upon
the surface of the deep. And out there, just on the edge
of vision, a single sail: souls in transit between two worlds.

Process Reflection: Pretty much what you see is what you get. I took the picture a month or so ago one evening at Waikiki Beach. I thought I'd try to re-present the picture in words, and decided to try to mirror the structure of the picture with its two broad horizontal planes in the structure of the writing. I like the picture more than the poem, there are a lot more things to look at, and a lot more ways of looking, than I could cram into 100 words. So maybe the cliché is true: maybe it's more like a thousand.

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