Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diamond Head

Yesterday I was fifteen minutes early for a meeting at Case Middle School so I stood on the lanai looking out over the rooftops toward Diamond Head and put together this little (3"x 5") sketch. I started with the building in the left foreground, sketched in the outline of the mountain, and then just worked the other little pieces - buildings, trees, rooftops, one at a time. I tightened up some of the linework and added some of the blue ink lines during the meeting (while I was listening), and then dropped in a little more blue on the mountainside and in the sky with colored pencil when I got home. I've worked a lot harder on things that didn't come out as well. This one pleased me.

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courtneysato said...

I really like this sketch. I hope things are well back home.. gearing up for Carnival?