Thursday, March 18, 2010

Worf is However Worn

About 99% of the comments that show up on Throughlines turn out to be spam, and I just routinely delete them. Every once in a while, however, something so bizarre comes sailing in from cyberspace that it makes me sit up and take notice. Here is the full text of one such communique, which arrived this morning. It seems to me to aspire to be a representative of some emergent genre of 21st Century poetry. All I've done is add the line breaks. I hope that in passing this along I'm not unwittingly participating in some cabalistic plot to take over the world:

Worf is however worn to form, very,
to require the space's car. Providers size
was such, but elements and reasons
were in lower front large to kyosho's kind
of a several steering. Surviving away
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of irb crew tapes. celebrity answering machine
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is a direct network that has updated its glass
through most of the serendipitous years
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and became in the place of the great islamic
jihad. The reality machine tells the ownership
to cancel a information sidewinder via opacity
and to cut the violation over the figure,
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long arm sewing machine. September 1956,
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(Later): So then at lunch Tim shares with me that one of his students has actually found out that the putative genre not only already exists, but has a blog devoted just to it. O tempora! Oh Mores!

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