Thursday, April 19, 2012


(This is the thirteenth in what will eventually be series of 26 posts I’ve undertaken: each post centers on a topic suggested by the next letter of the alphabet from the previous post. The posts all have to do, directly or indirectly, with teaching and learning.)


Planet K was all about kinky and stark.
Planet M feels much more like home.
First word, mama. First taste, milk.
First sound: music. First memory:
moon over mountain. (Metaphor.)
Macaroons. Mudpies. Marshmallows.
Marbles. Magic. Merlin. Monarchs.
Merry Christmas. Muffins. Mittens.
Making friends. Growing muscles.
Making trouble. (Malicious. Masked men.)
Matches. Mistakes. Moving on.
Mind over matter. Meandering.
Measurements: mountain to molehill,
monster to mouse, millennium to moment,
maxi to mini. Majestic, magnificent, mighty
arrayed against measly, mean and meek.
Maturation. Making meaning. Metacognition.
Mythology. Maps of the imagination.
The Metaphysics of Morals. Mindfulness.
Meditation. (The muchness of suchness
in om.) Miracles. The moment of truth.

Process Reflection:

Pretty much what you'd think. Wasn't in a frame of mind for another declamatory screed. In turning over M words in my mind I was struck by how much richer the possibilities were than with some of the other letters, like K. So I decided to just play with that, see how far I could push it, how I might pull together some of the patterns and threads. This draft doesn't feel finished yet—there are some bumps and wrinkles and elaborations not yet attempted—but it's what I could put together in an hour and a half or so.

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