Sunday, September 8, 2013

Three Vessels

Nothing too ambitious tonight. I just thought I'd post a picture of a painting (via Bo Fransson on tumblr) entitled Three Vessels by Stanley Bielen that I think is extraordinarily beautiful:

This is a small one, roughly 7"x10". I love the looseness of the brushwork, the way the planes and surfaces are suggested rather than made trim and tight, the balance and contrast of the colors, the way the painting seems suffused with light. He's got others at the gallery (link above) that I don't care for as much, but in this one it seems to me he about nailed it. 

Another thought: theres something about the subliminal symbology of vessels—even beyond the more obvious Freudian suggestions—that appeals to me. While I am not normally drawn to ceramics or glass as strongly as I am drawn to drawing and painting, most often when I do finding myself wanting to handle (or to purchase) a work of ceramic art it's a partially enclosed bowl or vase or something of that shape. So this painterly rendering of three vessels gives me the best of both worlds. 

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