Sunday, October 13, 2013

Output: Three Collages

Managed to find some time in what turned out to be a busier week than I had expected to come with three new small collages. I work with materials from old books: pieces of illustrations, bits of text, fragments of broken bindings.  Sometimes I work in papers I've found on the ground on my way to or from work, or segments from old photographs or newspapers. I start with a pile of stuff and just work from whatever goes down first to whatever comes next. I don't plan them out in advance. I paste the pieces down on heavy paper using acrylic matte medium, or, for heavier pieces, acrylic matte gel.

It's a kind of meditation practice for me, sitting at the table with the paper and the glue, maybe with some music on, piecing things together.  I usually try to work within a range of neutral colors and come up with a stable configuration of shapes. (I also like to do smaller trading card size collages, in which I'm generally a lot looser in terms of architecture.) The connections within the pieces are more felt than thought out. But I do feel like each one has its own wordless story to tell.

Traceries (8x9.5)

Books and Things (5x7.5)

entering the water (5x7)

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