Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Long Time Coming

Okay, so I get it, it's been six months. No excuses. I've been elsewhere, and more or less avoiding doing any writing at all. But I'm thinking it's time to climb back into the saddle. Why now? Well, my tenure as an administrator is coming to an end. As of the start of the school year, about a month from now, I'll be back in the classroom for one semester, at the end of which I will be retiring. One of the reasons I began this blog in the first place was to have a space to be reflective about my teaching practice. But then I wasn't teaching, and what I was doing did not often lend itself to public reflection and sharing. And then I got hijacked first by Tumblr, and then by Pinterest (links in the sidebar, I'm too lazy to work them in here) and a lot of the time I would have been spending writing was going there. And the things I did feel inclined to write about all wound up being Big Ambitious Projects that I never wound up following up on. So here's the new paradigm. Shorter. More informal. More regular. Try to work my way back into shape. No shortage of things to write about, once I get going. I'll be back tomorrow. Promise.

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