Sunday, August 25, 2013

Birth of a Family

Jam packed tonight. I've been working on transcribing an audio file of an art demo by George, and also reading a manuscript he's been working on. I went over to the gym. I'm working on this post, which is going to be short, in between taking a break from transcribing and tuning into tonight's serial installment of the Korean soap opera Birth of a Family, which I have recently gotten hooked into against my better judgment. I first found out about Korean soaps six or eight years ago when I was laid up after an operation and didn't have much energy to do much but lie in my recliner and watch whatever was on TV. The first one I watched was about a woman who died and whose heart was transplanted into another woman's body after an accident. Somewhere down the line the husband of the woman who died meets the woman who has her heart. (He of course does not know this, and he falls for her becauses.... there's something about her that seems familiar, and thereby hangs a tale that gets dragged out over something like fourteen episodes.)

After that experience, I gave them up for a while, but from time to time I've delved back in. Problem is, once you're in, it's hard to get back out. There are usually multiple plot lines which keep getting temporarily resolved only to be ripped open again at a higher level of angst. I'm not even going to attempt to outline this one, except to say that it has to do with an adopted child who finds her birth family, and the complications which ensue. It's clich├ęd. It's shamelessly melodramatic. It is not remotely plausible. And it's totally addictive. Oop, it's on. Gotta go.

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