Monday, September 1, 2014

64 x 32 (Analogist)

Out walking tonight in the late summer heat, I was remembering how much fun it used to be when I was able to run, to play basketball and tennis, to work up a sweat. And I was also anticipating that there will be the day I will look back nostalgically on going for evening walks, which made the walk tonight that much more sweet.

Process Reflection:

This post marks the end of the second cycle of 64-word posts. At thirty-two, I'm halfway home.  I'll probably take a breather before setting out on the second half of the project. I'll still try to post every day, but I'm going to take the bridle off for a bit. No wordplay intended. The intended wordplay is in the title of tonight's post, gesturing at the post's two-sentence, two-part analogy between the nostalgia felt on the one hand and the nostalgia yet to come on the other. Analogist also being an anagram of nostalgia.

I guess the thing I've been noticing about the 64-word limit is that, as I had anticipated to some degree, the geometrical underpinnings, all those factors of two, keep suggesting new games to play, new boxes to mix the words around in. In terms of execution it's not entirely like what happens when I am working on a grid-based drawing. Each box presents its own opportunities, and the overall effect either does or does cohere. But it's interesting work, and sometimes when you're done it feels right. Like this one, for example:

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