Friday, December 8, 2006

The Reality Principle

I may be the last person on the planet to get wind of this, but there is a company in Texas that is riffing off the motivational posters you see everywhere with a series of Demotivators.

They feature the usual color glossy prints on a black background, with a concept in bold and a demotivating statement in small print. Among my favorites:

Limitations: Until You Spread Your Wings, You'll Have No Idea How Far You Can Walk.

Despair: It's Always Darkest Just Before It Goes Pitch Black.

Individuality: Always Remember That You Are Unique. Just Like Everybody Else.

Incompetence: When You Earnestly Believe You Can Compensate For A Lack of Skill By Doubling Your Efforts, There's No End to What You Can't Do.

Adversity: That Which Does Not Kill Me Postpones the Inevitable

I don't know why these particular sentiments strike me as being apt. Maybe it's just that it's Friday.

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