Friday, December 8, 2006


As a teacher I've become interested this year not only in blogs, but in Wikis, which I assume most of you know are like blogs, but collaborative: people can work together to make and edit pages, and add to them over time. There is a pretty cool organization called Wikispaces which is giving away 100,000 free wikis for use in classrooms. It's really easy to sign up—it literally takes only seconds—and the site is set up to be terrifically functional and easy to use. I showed it to my senior seminar class today, because I wanted them to try out an idea I have about how students at school could use the wiki as a kind of archive for work that they are doing individually and in their classes in regard to the sustainability discussions that have been ongoing. So I was asking them to do some of the setup for the wiki, using a set of discovey questions that was developed at the Luke Center as a starting point. I showed them how to set up a couple of pages, and their assignment over the weekend is to build some more infrastructure.

Not only did the students immediately "get it," but they decided to create another wiki of their own so that they could share and comment on one another's work. If you haven't looked into this vehicle, check it out.

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