Friday, August 8, 2014

64 x 10 (x 26 x (sort of) 2)

An arc of unease
Bends across
Caverns. Small birds
Dart from corners.
Erratic dreams.
Fearful eyes
Glow  from
Hot gables.
Impossible having
Just blind intuitions. We
Know that our journey
Leads to karmic
Mediation, leaving
No mistaking
Our next
Posting: no
Question of
Reprieve. Quite
Silently now the restless
Toucans skitter
Under Towering
Volcanoes, using
What vision they have
(X-ray?) to avoid
Zombie Apocalypse.

Process Reflection: You can see what I was fooling around with. Just another day in Reno, Nebraska. Yes, I know. Whatever.

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